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Block machine
The automatic block machine (brick making machine) uses cement ,fine stone and sand as raw materials, through vibration pressure molding, produces construction and municipal blocks, hollow bricks, standard bricks, pavement bricks, etc.

Features of block machine
-Integrated oil system, adopting international standard mode, high life and low energy consumption design.

-The vibration system is composed of two parts, namely table vibration and pressure vibration. The product has the advantages of rapid molding, high density and good uniformity.

-Operation mode: full automatic and semi-automatic operation modes can ensure continuous production.
-Variable frequency stepless speed regulation can realize reasonable running speed, accurate deceleration, braking and positioning.

-The measurement control system is high precision and automatic.

Specification of block machine

Model QT4-15 QT6-15 QT8-15 QT10-15
Hollow block Qty/ mould 4 6 8 10
Molding cycle(S) 15-25 15-20 15-20 15-20
Total power(Kw) 27.5 34 41 51
Dimension(m) 7.3×2.5×2.8  7.2×2.0×2.8 7.5×2.1×3.0 8.7×2.5×3.0
Vibration form Platform vibration Platform vibration Platform vibration Platform vibration
Vibration frequency(r/min) 2800-5100 2800-5100 2800-5100 2800-5100
Exciting force(KN) 55 60 80 100
Pellet size(mm) 1020×570 1020x680 1020x900 1220x900

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