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Truck mounted concrete pump
Truck-mounted concrete pump has the both advantages of concrete trailer pumps and pump trucks, reliable performance, beautiful and generous. Compared with the concrete trailer pumps, it is more flexible and more maneuverable, without the need of transportation, loading and unloading, installation and fixation, and the equipment utilization rate is high. The  truck-mounted concrete pump occupies less space than the concrete pump truck, with low price, high pumping height, long distance and low maintenance cost.
The truck-mounted concrete pump is widely used in the construction of buildings, bridges, tunnels and other places. All the accessories are of internationally renowned brands, with advanced system design and manufacturing process. It is the most cost-effective product among the same type of equipment in China.
1. The chassis is reliable, with strong power, excellent performance and economy.
2. The oil pump and other hydraulic system components are from German Rexroth with strong stability, reasonable layout and easy operation and maintenance.
3. The main power system adopts Deutz diesel engine, with stable and reliable performance, strong power and good fuel economy.
4. Large diameter conveying cylinder, good material suction, large pumping capacity, with positive pumping, reverse pumping, electric pumping and other functions.
5. S type directional control valve, hard alloy plates and the cutting ring, and is equipped with rubber spring. It can automatically compensate the clearance of the end face to ensure good air sealing performance.
6. Large forced air cooling device is adopted to ensure the hydraulic system of the main engine in a normal state, which is especially suitable for water shortage and cold environment.
7. Intelligent integrated control system, good man-machine interface. The main electrical components are from Schneider, Omron and other well-known brand electrical appliances, PLC programmable control system and text display, with a variety of automatic protection functions, making the system more compact, more convenient to adjust, work more reliable
8. All operations can be realized through close control and wireless remote control. Wireless remote control and control box are two sets of independent operating devices.


Item Unit THB9014A THB8018A THB9014B THB8016B
Max. capacity m3/h 96/62 96/62 96/62 85/45
Max. Pumping outlet pressure Mpa 14/9 18/10 14/9 16/7
Max. vertical conveying distance m 240 270 220 270
Max. Horizontal Conveying Distance
m 800 1000 800 900
Distributing valve   S S S S
Cylinder dimension mm Φ230x1650 Φ200x1650 Φ230x1650 Φ200x1650
Hopper volume L 800 800 800 800
Loading height mm 1400 1400 1400 1400
Power Kw 195/176 195/176 132 132/110
Rated voltage V 24 24 24 24
Rated speed rpm 2300 2300 2300 2300
Hydraulic system type   Open loop Open loop Open loop Open loop
Pumping system oil pressure Mpa 32 32 32 32
hydraulic oil tank volume L 500 500 500 500
Max. Aggregate size
mm 50/40 50/40 50/40 50/40

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