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Concrete pump
HBT series concrete pump is a high quality special equipment for pumping commercial concrete for high-rise buildings, highways, water conservancy, bridges, freight yard and other construction projects. The pump is a combination of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic technology, and is suitable for concrete pumping in various environments. The key hydraulic components of the pump are hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve. The optimized s-tube valve makes the concrete pumping more smooth. HBT series concrete pumps are characterized by reliable performance, smooth transportation and strong pumping capacity. They can pump high grade concrete stably for a long term in harsh environment and are necessary modern construction equipment for construction units.

1. Excellent suction ability
With large inclination and arc hopper, the suction ability can be increased by 15%. The new double-layer arc structure design is adopted in the hopper with good structural rigidity, reducing the material accumulation area and improving the fluidity of concrete in the hopper. The design of large inclination improves the suction efficiency and the suction capacity of the concrete pump is 15% higher than that of the previous generation. Stable pumping can be realized even in the case of poor concrete, which enhances the working condition adaptability of the concrete pump.
2. High pumping rate
The s-type pipe valve with gentle diameter reducing reduces the resistance to s-pipe formed by concrete pumping, and at the same time, the height difference is small, the conveying is more smooth, the pumping rate is greatly improved, and the service life of the parts is prolonged.
The service life of wearing parts is significantly improved
-- the service life of the new FAB piston is 2-3 times than that of the ordinary polyurethane piston.
-- the s-pipe is of inblock cast by high manganese steel, and the inner surface of the inlet and outlet is surfacing with wear-resistant materials, which has the dual advantages of pressure resistance and wear resistance, and its service life increases by 26% year on year.
-- the cutting ring is made of high wear-resisting hard alloy, which can automatically compensate the wear clearance, completely eliminate the pressure relief problem caused by wear, and increase the service life by 32% year on year.
4. Automatic centralized lubrication system
Centralized lubrication, When reversing, input the high-pressure lubricating oil into the controller of the centralized lubrication system to realize automatic lubrication of the equipment without manual operation, to ensure the necessary lubrication to the concrete cylinder, piston and lubrication parts, extend the service life of moving parts and sealing elements.
5. Double pump double circuit hydraulic system
-- the hydraulic system adopts advanced and reliable open double pump and double circuit hydraulic system, and the pump circuit and reversing oil circuit work independently.
-- simple and reliable system, long service life of hydraulic components, convenient maintenance and high fault diagnosis rate.
6. High and low voltage switching
-- s-tube valve series concrete pump is equipped with two delivery modes of high pressure small displacement and low pressure large displacement. Both methods can control the output flow of the main oil pump in stepless regulation, so as to change the output of the pump, the user can choose according to the specific situation of the construction.
7.Effective oil temperature control
-- hydraulic oil adopts independent bypass cooling and filtering system, which can ensure the temperature of hydraulic oil is controlled within the excellent operating temperature range in any climate.
-- on the premise of fully ensuring the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil, the bypass filtration system can greatly reduce the calorific value of the system.
8. Reversing buffering technology
Pump oil circuit adopts time lag control of main control valve to fully eliminate pressure impact in the course of reversing, so that the main oil circuit and swing circuit work smoothly and reliably.


Item Unit HBT30 HBT40 HBT50 HBT60 HBT80
Vale type   S vale S vale S vale S vale S vale
Theoretic Concrete Delivery Volume Low Pressure m3/h 30 40 50 60 80
High Pressure m3/h / / 23 36 48
Concrete Delivery Pressure Low Pressure MPa / / 5.8 6.3 8.3
High Pressure MPa 10 10 12 13 16
Hydraulic Pressure MPa 25 28 28 28 28
Electric Motor Speed r/Min 1480 1480 1480 1480 1480
Main Hydraulic Pump   JINDA Kawasaki Kawasaki Kawasaki Kawasaki
Main Cylinder Dia./Pole Dia.× Stroke mm 80/55×845 100/70×1100 110/70×1300 120/80×1650 140/90×1800
Diameter Of Delivery Cylinder mm 140 160/180 180 200 200
Electric Motor Power KW 37 45 55 90 110
Capacity Of Hydraulic Oil Tank L 200 370 370 560 560
Hopper Capacity m3 0.4 0.4 0.55 0.6 0.6
Overall Weight Kg 2300 3500 3600 5000 5600
Max.Delivery Distance Vertical 100 160 160 160 160
Horizontal 300 500 500 800 1000
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