Diesel-powered concrete equipment series


The operating environment of concrete equipment is complex, and some construction areas cannot provide enough electricity. In order to facilitate the construction, Sinonine has developed some construction equipment powered by diesel engines. Such as Diesel powered mixer, diesel powered concrete pump, diesel powered shotcrete, etc..We can also provide supporting mobile generator station according to the customer's situation to meet the needs of different customers. Sinonine designed diesel powered concrete equipmenst using advanced power system and compact structure design, with high production efficiency, low operating cost, stable operation, for customers to solve a lot of practical problems in the construction process.

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We are a concrete equipment manufacturing company with our own manufacturing facilities. we can provide the most cost-effective concrete equipment. we are always responsible for the equipment we sell. We have more than 500 sets of equipment operating around the world, including 102 construction companies, 36 commercial concrete manufacturers, 96 concrete equipment dealers, 16 engineering companies, 6 mining companies.

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This equipments performance are particularly good. They are used to pour concrete foundation with high efficiency. Sinonine has provided many Suggestions in concrete construction, especially in the erection of distributing pipes. They have rich experience, which makes it very convenient for me to use the equipment, and the construction efficiency and quality are well guaranteed. It is very flexible to move from one construction site to another. Sinonine's equipment is really durable. And those who want to investigate and visit can come here and have a look.

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