Concrete sand and stone separation system

In the operation of concrete mixing plant, there will be a large amount of washing waste water and some waste concrete. Proper treatment of these waste materials can not only make full use of resources, but also effectively solve the problem of environmental pollution. Concrete sand and stone separator is the core equipment of the concrete recycling system, which can completely solve the pollution and recycling problems of waste concrete. Through this equipment, the useful concrete aggregate and water can be effectively separated, and the obtained materials and water slurry can be reused, saving resources. The sand and stone separator produced by Sinonine mainly consists of six parts: feeding tank, stirring separator, water supply system, screening system, slurry water equalization, recycling use and waste slurry reuse system. After the residual concrete and water enter into the feed tank, the circulating water is continuously injected at the same time. Under the impact of water flow, the mixed slurry enters into the separator along with the to fully clean the residual concrete.

Refer to the manufacturer for diagrams and technical parameters

Model Main body length (m) Rod length (m) Capacity (m3/h) Number of Conveyor belt Loading mode
SWS-A 6.7 12/8 60-80 2 Mechanical
SWS-B 8.3 12/8/6 60-80 3 Mechanical haulage
SWS-M 10.5 15/10/8/6 60-80 2-4 Mobile

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A large amount of waste concrete is produced from my concrete batching plant. I tried many schemes, but the problem wasn’t well solved. During the communication with Sinonine, I learned their solutions of the waste concrete problem, the special equipment is employed to deal with these pollutants. It not only can solve the problem of waste water pollution, but also all the waste concrete is recycled, the recycled concrete can be returned to the concrete batching system to improve the economic benefits.

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