Concrete support system

In the construction process, it is often necessary to spray concrete on the inner layer of the building structure to achieve the supporting effect. It is often used for lining of thin wall structure, such as tunnel lining, wall, ceiling etc. and protective layer of steel structure. Put pre-prepared cement, sand, gravel, water and a certain amount of additives into the shotcrete, the High pressure air is used to send the mixture to the nozzle to be mixed with the accelerator, to spray at a high speed on a surface of rock to form a protective layer of concrete.

Shotcrete machine is the core equipment of the support system, which can be used in wet and dry methods for construction. Dry mixing method: mix cement, sand and stone evenly in dry state,use compressed air to send the mixture and accelerating agent to the nozzle and mix with pressure water for spraying. Wet mixing method: mixed concrete is pumped through a slurry pump to a nozzle and then sprayed with compressed air..
Sinonine can provide suitable shotcretes according to customers' needs. At present, the most commonly used is the rotor-type PS shotcrete, which is simple in structure, convenient in operation and high in work efficiency. It can be used in wet and dry methods according to the construction needs. It can be powered by electric or diesel engines
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We are a concrete equipment manufacturing company with our own manufacturing facilities. we can provide the most cost-effective concrete equipment. we are always responsible for the equipment we sell. We have more than 500 sets of equipment operating around the world, including 102 construction companies, 36 commercial concrete manufacturers, 96 concrete equipment dealers, 16 engineering companies, 6 mining companies.

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Sinonine's concrete support equipment is first-rate. A small shotcrete equipment solves many problems for me. At present, it seems that we need to purchase more equipment to meet the construction needs of different sections of the highway. The equipment is of high cost performance and simple structure, and the operator can soon master the construction skills. We expect that several other new shotcretes will be shipped soon to complete other construction tasks.

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