Crushing, screening and mixing combination system


Concrete aggregate is the main raw material of concrete, and it is also the largest raw material in concrete production. In some practical engineering projects, such as hydraulic engineering and road and bridge projects, local constructions need to make full use of local resources to produce the required aggregate and use aggregate for concrete production, which not only meets the need of engineering construction, but also reduces the transportation cost of aggregate. Sinonine has rich experience in the design of aggregate crushing, screening and mixing combined system.

We can appropriately arrange the production capacity in each section according to the site conditions, and reasonably arrange the production line configuration to provide an guarantee for the construction.

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We are a concrete equipment manufacturing company with our own manufacturing facilities. we can provide the most cost-effective concrete equipment. we are always responsible for the equipment we sell. We have more than 500 sets of equipment operating around the world, including 102 construction companies, 36 commercial concrete manufacturers, 96 concrete equipment dealers, 16 engineering companies, 6 mining companies.

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Sinonine is a comprehensive technical company and equipment supplier, where I can solve all problems in one stop. The EPC services they provided solved the systematic problems and the construction investment of the project could be controlled within a reasonable range. Sinonine provided me with a great solution by organizing a technical team to solve all the problems systematically. The production line is designed reasonably, fully considering the comprehensive utilization of resources, environmental protection, power, water supply and other factors. The production line can achieve automatic production.

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