Double concrete batching plant


Double concrete batching plant is a kind of concrete mixing plant designed according to the actual situation of concrete use. Two concrete batching plants with the same output are installed in the same site, and the full load production or half load production can be carried out according to the usage amount of concrete.

The two sets of equipment have the same configuration, and the accessories are the same, which brings great convenience to the production management. Double concrete batching plant using two sets of small, medium, large concrete batching plant for combination, reasonable layout and structure, using independent or the same batching and discharging system, saving investment, convenient management.

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SINONINE's design is very reasonable, and the two sets of equipment can be used flexibly. The mixer runs very well, with high output and good quality. Since the production has been running well, so far I have not asked for SINONINE's after-sales service. I will further communicate with SINONINE when we need to expand production or upgrade; I'm very satisfied on the equipment quality and service, this set of equipment operation is very good now, I will continue to focus on the development of SINONINE.

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