Cement silo & delivery solution

In the configuration of concrete batching plant, cement silo has many options, such as traditional cylindrical welding silo or bolted cement silo. Horizontal silo can also be adopted in the structural layout. At present, Sinonine mainly produces bolted cement silo, which solves the transportation problem and is convenient for on-site installation. Cement delivery systems can vary depending on the cement supply type. Sinonine provides different cement delivery systems to transfer cement supplied by bags, big bags, cement trailer or rail wagons to cement silos.

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We are a concrete equipment manufacturing company with our own manufacturing facilities. we can provide the most cost-effective concrete equipment. we are always responsible for the equipment we sell. We have more than 500 sets of equipment operating around the world, including 102 construction companies, 36 commercial concrete manufacturers, 96 concrete equipment dealers, 16 engineering companies, 6 mining companies.

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Sinonine has a strong structural design ability, which is reflected in the design of cement silos. Considering both the convenience of transportation and the convenience of site installation, I am very happy to cooperate with Sinonine. There are many conveniences to use bolted silo, which is widely used in the local area at present. Sionine is one of them which can design and manufacture this simple equipment perfectly.

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