Small-sized concrete batching plant


The small-sized concrete batching plant produced by Sinonine adopts modular design, occupies a small area and is easy to transfer. Small-sized concrete batching plant can be configured freely according to customers' requirements, with strong flexibility. Small-sized concrete batching plant is cost - effective. The small-sized concrete batching plant has low investment, low risk and fast return of capital, which is very suitable for customers in the initial stage. At the same time, small-sized concrete batching plant is relatively small in scale, less equipment configuration, simple operation, less manpower and material resources required, and easier maintenance.
The types of small-sized concrete batching plant produced by Sinonine are HZS25, HZS35, HZS50 and some simple concrete mixing plants, which can meet the needs of different customers.

HZS25 concrete batching plant
HZS25 concrete batching plant adopts JS500 double-shaft mixer as the main equipment. It is a simple and efficient concrete batching plant, a simple concrete mixing equipment designed for urban customers by Sinonine. It is a necessary mixing equipment for all kinds of small and medium-sized construction and road construction, with strong mobility.
Theoretical productivity: 25m3/h
Total power: 40kw

HZS35 concrete batching plant
HZS35 concrete batching plant is a small concrete mixing equipment, it adopts JS750 type horizontal double-shaft forced mixer as main equipment, with special fourfold seal and electric oil pump technology, good mixing quality, high mixing efficiency, is the ideal choice for customers.
Theoretical productivity: 35m3/h
Total power: 52kw

HZS50 concrete batching plant
HZS50 concrete batching plant adopts JS1000 horizontal mixer as the main equipment with automatic control. The theoretical productivity is 50 m3/h, and the total power is 106kw.The aggregate of the concrete batching plant is transported to the mixer by the winch, which has the advantages of compact structure and high cost performance.

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SINONINE concrete mixer has reasonable structure, scientific design and advanced technology. The original soft connection transmission device is used between the shaft end of the main engine and the reducer to reduce the occurrence of motor fault caused by stuck materials. I have been in the concrete business for many years. Good equipment can get twice the result with half the effort. In addition, the price is very favorable.

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