Sinonine can provide customers with a full set of concrete equipment solution, covering the whole field of concrete production and construction, using efficient equipment to complete the construction tasks of each link of the customer.

Small-sized concrete batching plant

The small-sized concrete batching plant produced by Sinonine adopts modular design, occupies a small area and is easy to transfer.

Transit Mix Concrete Plant

Sinonine provides dry type concrete batching plant (transit mix concrete plant) option without mixer.

Cement silo & delivery solution

Cement silo has many options, such as traditional cylindrical welding silo or bolted cement silo.

Double concrete batching plant

Double concrete batching plant is a kind of concrete mixing plant designed according to the actual situation of concrete use.

Crushing, screening and mixing combination system

Concrete aggregate is the main raw material of concrete, and it is also the largest raw material in concrete production.

Concrete support system

In the construction process, it is often necessary to spray concrete on the inner layer of the building structure to achieve the supporting effect.

Concrete sand and stone separation system

In the operation of concrete mixing plant, there will be a large amount of washing waste water and some waste concrete.

Environment-friendly concrete batching plant

Environmental protection is a common challenge faced by the concrete mixing plant industry.

Diesel-powered concrete equipment series

In order to facilitate the construction, Sinonine has developed some construction equipment powered by diesel engines.

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