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Concrete mixing tank
Concrete mixing tank is used to mix the concrete in the transfer process to prevent the concrete from reducing the quality caused by condensation. It is often assembled on a truck to form a concrete tanker.
1. Advanced manufacture technology
the advanced manufacture technology is used in the process of fabrication and assembling: longitudinal seam welding machine, automatic circular seam, mixing cylinder overall patchwork welding, long axis roller frame, automatic sandblasting equipment. To ensure the tank product quality and technical level and appearance.
2. Fast feed speed and low discharge residue rate
Stirring tank speed: 6-12 revolutions/min; the discharge residue rate is less than 0.8%. Discharge speed is greater than or equal to 2 m3 / min; Feed speed is greater than or equal to 3.5 m3 / min.
3. Stepless transmission technology,
The revolving speed of tank body is adjusted in different road conditions to increase the stability of the vehicle, and it is very advantageous to the driver's safety.
4. Reasonable appearance design
Slender shape design, reduce the height of the center of gravity, make the vehicle run more stable, increase the safety performance, take the right angle to ensure the effective volume.

Model Geometric volume (m3) Effective volume (m3)  Tank diameter (m3) Angle of Inclination (degree)  Revolving speed (rpm) Way of Water Supply
CMT1.5 2.7 1.5 1.05 14 0-10 Compression type
CMT3.0 5.2 3.0 1.75 16 0-10 Compression type
CMT4.0 6.1 4.0 1.75 16 0-10 Compression type
CMT5.0 8.5 5.0 2.05 14 0-10 Compression type
CMT6.0 9.6 6.0 2.05 14 0-10 Compression type
CMT7.0 10.2 7.0 2.15 16 0-10 Compression type
CMT8.0 11.8 8.0 2.20 16 0-10 Compression type
CMT9.0 13.2 9.0 2.20 14 0-10 Compression type
CMT10 15 10 2.20 14 0-10 Compression type
CMT12 18.8 12 2.55 14 0-10 Compression type

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