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Cement silo
The bolted cement silo is suitable for storing grain, cement, coal ash and other bulk materials. The silo body is equipped with a material level system, which can display the position of materials. In view of the large size of the cement silo, difficult packing, difficulty of making tank on site, transfer difficulties and many other difficulties, the silo is made of split pieces, field bolt assembly, strong and durable with beautiful appearance.

1. Equipped with level indicator, the level of material can be read clearly;
2. Equipped with bag filter on the top of cement silo, protect environment;
3. Equipped with device to prevent cement from caking;
4. Bolted type, to save cost for delivery; easily assembly at site.


Model Tank diameter(mm) Tank height(mm) Discharge height(mm) Capacity(t)
50T 3160 4500 As required 50
60T 3160 6500 As required 60
80T 3160 8400 As required 80
100T 3160 11400 As required 100
200T 4200 18600 As required 200
300T 5000 21400 As required 300

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Sinonine has a strong structural design ability, which is reflected in the design of cement silos. Considering both the convenience of transportation and the convenience of site installation, I am very happy to cooperate with Sinonine.There are a large number of concrete equipment manufacturers in China with uneven quality. I have always had doubts about the quality of equipment in China. After using SINONINE's Concrete batching plant, I found that it is not only environmentally friendly, but also has high production efficiency.

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