July 23, 2019

Botswana THB8018A Truck-mounted concrete pump

The client's construction sites are scattered and the equipments need to be moved between the construction sites constantly. And his request for pumping height is not high. Our company recommended a cost-effective truck-mounted concrete pump, which is well used by the client.

This truck-mounted concrete pump has helped me a lot. It is very flexible to move from one construction site to another. Sinonine's equipment is really durable. And those who want to investigate and visit can come here and have a look.

Truck mounted concrete pump
Truck-mounted concrete pump has the both advantages of concrete trailer pumps and pump trucks, reliable performance, beautiful and generous. Compared with the concrete trailer pumps, it is more flexible and more maneuverable, without the need of transportation, loading and unloading, installation and fixation, and the equipment utilization rate is high. The  truck-mounted concrete pump occupies less space than the concrete pump truck, with low price, high pumping height, long distance and low maintenance cost.
The truck-mounted concrete pump is widely used in the construction of buildings, bridges, tunnels and other places. All the accessories are of internationally renowned brands, with advanced system design and manufacturing process. It is the most cost-effective product among the same type of equipment in China.

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