July 23, 2019

Indonesia HZS75 concrete batching plant

The customer purchased SINONINE’s equipment for the second time. The theoretical capacity of the production line is 75m3/h. The JS1500 forced mixer is used as the main machine and the PLD2400 batching machine, can prepare 1-4 kinds of materials weighed separately, water and admixture can also be weighed separately, the actual productivity is 55-65%.

I bought the same type of SINONINE’s equipment again and got a more favorable price. One of my friends is also an old SINONINE’s customer. At present, he is using a SINONINE concrete mixer, and he fully recognizes the quality, performance and pre-sales and after-sales service of the equipment. At present, this set of equipment has been put into production smoothly, and the output can fully meet the needs of the project. We are looking forward to cooperating with SINONINE again.

Concrete batching plant
Concrete batching plant is a complete set of equipment integrating of material storage, metering, stirring unit. The main machine adopts double horizontal shaft forced mixer, can mix various types of concrete, especially suitable for mixing dry concrete, It is suitable for construction engineering, water and electricity, highway, port, wharf, bridge and other engineering construction above medium scale, large and medium scale prefabricated parts factory and concrete factory.The equipment adopts modular design, which can be combined according to different sites of users, or can be of necessary non-standard design and modification according to different requirements of users.

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