July 23, 2019

Philippines YWCQ600 Mobile Stabilized soil batching plant

The customer needs to the function and capacity of WCQ600 Stabilized soil batching plant , and at the same time, they needs it to be mobile. Finally, Sinonine has made a feasible plan for it. At present, the equipment is running well and fully meets the capacity requirements.

I have transferred two construction sites with this type of equipment. After installation, the equipment is basically running stably. Sinonine has attached many useful accessories, which are very suitable for me to install and use again.

Stabilized soil mixing plant
The Stabilized soil mixing plant is a complete set of special equipment for the continuous compulsory mixing of the basic materials of the road base. It has the characteristics of uniform mixing, accurate batching and microcomputer automatic control. It is applicable to the concrete construction of industrial, civil construction, highway, railway, bridge, electric power, water conservancy, port, wharf, airport and other projects. It can be used as the mixing equipment for the production of commercial concrete. And according to the needs of different users to form a variety of different forms, different specifications of composite concrete mixing station.

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