July 23, 2019

Pakistan HBTR40 Concrete Pump

Through close communication, the customer purchased two diesel-powered HBTR40 concrete pumps, which are mainly used for the pouring of local cement and concrete foundation. Currently, the equipment is in good operation.

Although these two equipments have a relative small capacity, their performance is particularly good. They are used to pour concrete foundation with high efficiency. Sinonine has provided many Suggestions in concrete construction, especially in the erection of distributing pipes. They have rich experience, which makes it very convenient for me to use the equipment, and the construction efficiency and quality are well guaranteed.

HBTR Diesel engine Concrete pump
HBTR series concrete pump uses diesel engine as power, is a High quality concrete pumping equipment for the construction of high-rise buildings, highways, water conservancy, bridges and freight yards etc.. The pump is a combination of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic technology, and is suitable for concrete pumping in various environments. The key hydraulic components of the pump are hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve. The optimized s-tube valve makes the concrete pumping more smooth. HBTR series concrete pumps are characterized by reliable performance, smooth transportation and strong pumping capacity. They can pump high grade concrete stably for a long term in harsh environment and are necessary modern construction equipment for construction units.

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