July 23, 2019

Angola YHZS60 mobile concrete batching plant

The customer has a set of concrete batching plant in the local area, who is very familiar with the concrete market. After contacting with Sinonine, the customer decided to promote our equipment in the local area, and then decided to focus on the promotion of mobile concrete batching plants. The two sets of concrete batching plants are respectively used in different regions, bringing huge profits to the customer.

I am familiar with the concrete mixing plant and understand the concrete market situation. I think the concrete batching plant of Sinonine is very competitive in the local market. At present, several users have come to consult the equipment of the concrete batching plant.

Mobile concrete batching plant
The mobile concrete batching plant is compact in structure, and it integrates batching, weighing, lifting and mixing. It is fast and convenient to move, saves time and labor and improves productivity. The equipment is equipped with a rear axle, which can be rapidly transferred to another construction field under the help of a tractor. The equipment has the characteristics of convenient transfer, quick installation and commissioning. The equipment does not need concrete foundation, it is applicable to construction works frequently transferred, such as architectural engineering, water and electricity, road, port, bridge and other engineering construction and the concrete construction of large-scale engineering.

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