May 13, 2019

Mongolia highway support and reinforce system

The ps-5 shotcrete purchased by the customer is the main equipment for the construction of the support and reinforce system. The customer communicated with our technical team about the highway support technology and finally we won the customer's recognition.

Sinonine's concrete support equipment is first-rate. A small shotcrete equipment solves many problems for me. At present, it seems that we need to purchase more equipment to meet the construction needs of different sections of the highway.

Shotcrete machine
PS series Shotcrete machine is a kind of rotor-type jetting machine, which uses compressed air to transport the concrete through the pipe and spray it to the surface at high speed to condense and harden, so as to form the concrete supporting layer. With its simple technology, unique effect, economical cost and fast construction speed, this series of shotcrete is widely used in construction, railway tunnel construction, mine shaft construction, slope reinforcement, swimming pool and other fields.

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