Technological innovation achievements

Sinonine has made continuous technological innovation in the field of concrete equipment and achieved fruitful results. In concrete equipment technical and production, Sinonine has taken the leading position, has 8 concrete production process patents, saving 30% of the average operation cost for customers. We constantly put the new process, new design scheme, new construction method into practice after demonstration and test, which drive customers’ benefit to grow continuously. In terms of concrete equipment, we have two modern factories and 36 patents, our products cover concrete mixer, concrete batching plant, shotcrete, concrete pump, truck-mounted concrete mixer, concrete aggregate crushing and screening system, etc. We have built a modern concrete equipment laboratory to simulate the operation of concrete equipment under various construction environments, constantly improve the details and the product functions, so as to make the equipment more efficient and more applicable. We have a concrete engineering design and research institute, providing technical consulting, engineering design, technical training and other services for concrete production line customers. We maintain long-term technical exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutes and universities, grasp the latest development trend of concrete production, and promote the continuous development of concrete industry.
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