A-Z complete concrete equipment solution

Sinonine can provide customers with a full set of concrete equipment solution, covering the whole field of concrete production and construction, using efficient equipment to complete the construction tasks of each link of the customer, and at the same time share our experience in concrete production and construction management, so that customers can get better benefits. Sinonine's concrete solution covers the following aspects.
Concrete aggregate
Adopt advanced crushing and screening equipment to produce concrete aggregate and sand in line with the requirements of various industries. Ensure the concrete aggregate produced with good grain shape, high strength, no impurities. Through reasonable process design, the concrete aggregate production line has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection..
Commercial concrete
The commercial concrete produced by the various types of concrete batching plants we manufactured is in accordance with various industry standards. Customers can flexibly choose the loading mode, capacity, structure type, mobile or fixed type of concrete batching plant.
Concrete delivery
Through the concrete mixer trucks, the concrete will be transported to the construction site, we provide customers with different sizes of agitator trucks and transit mixer trucks for customers to choose.
Concrete pumping
Through various types of concrete pump, the concrete is pumped to the construction site. We can provide diesel power concrete pump, electric concrete pump, truck-mounted concrete pump for customers to choose.
Support engineering
The shotcrete we manufactured can help customers to complete the support engineering of various industries, it can provide a complete support engineering scheme for the tunnel, mine, foundation excavation and other construction links.
Environmental engineering
In view of environmental protection, all the equipment we sell has been specially treated. Dust remover and sound insulation room are used to eliminate dust and noise pollution. Sand recovery system is used to recover solid waste and eliminate water pollution.
Non-standard equipment
We can customize all kinds of non-standard equipment for customers, covering special transformation of equipment, special facilities for special working conditions, all kinds of steel structure facilities, supporting process facilities, etc.

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