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People are everything and Team is the core competitiveness.A core element of Sinonine’s long-term healthy development is team building. Our company brings together experienced technical elites in the field of concrete, which makes the development of the company full of endless power. The technicians are united and give full play to their strengths, and work with the company to continuously transform science and technology into productivity, and bring benefits to customers around the world through the services provided by Sinonine. Our core technical personnel have practical experience in concrete production and rich theoretical and practical knowledge, covering machinery, general drawing, civil engineering, electric, automation, construction and other professional fields. Our team stands in leading level. We have 5 senior engineers, 26 engineers, 4 National First-Class Construction Engineer and 22 senior technicians. We have 16 project leaders, who are specifically responsible for the organization and operation of concrete projects, and 62 on-site installation service technicians, who are responsible for the on-site installation and commissioning of the production line. We also have a group of business personnel who understand technology and can speak foreign languages. They are responsible for coordinating and solving the daily problems of customers. The Sinonine team adheres to the scientific concept of development, and works together to achieve sustainable development with customers in mind.
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