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Disposable mask pad

Disposable mask pad is suitable for all kinds of masks to make the rare masks reuse and ensure the inner cleanness of masks. At present, face masks are rare products. The use of disposable mask pad can prolong the life of face masks, hinder virus and bacteria, and greatly save money.

disposable mask pad

How to use the face mask pad?

1.After washing hands , tear off the packaging film andtake out the product.
2.Unfold the mask pad and tear off the paste paper .
3.Place the mask pad on the inside of the mask.

disposable mask pad
Application of disposable mask pad

Disposable mask pad is suitable for all kinds of masks.

disposable mask pad

Advantage usage of disposable mask pad

1. Only replace the inner mask pad, not the mask.
2. Keep the inside of the mask clean.
3. Increase the use of masks.

disposable mask pad

Three layers of soft non-woven fabric, safe and breathable

Absorb the dust and peculiar smell, protect the inner cleaning of the mask and strengthen the protective effect.

disposable mask pad

3D three-dimensional structure fits the face perfectly

1.Two back glues are close to each other.
2.Comfortable fit with face radian.
3.No displacement.

disposable mask pad


Mask pad is also disposable. It is recommended to replace mask pad once every 4 hours. Generally, 50 filter elements are used with 2 masks. However, when the mask is used, the surface of the mask is obviously dirty and damaged. Please replace the mask immediately.
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