Environment-friendly concrete batching plant


Environmental protection is a common challenge faced by the concrete mixing plant industry. The running of concrete mixing plant would produce a lot of dust, waste water, waste slurry and noise pollution. If not properly treated, they will have a great impact on the surrounding environment. According to the characteristics of the concrete batching plant, Sinonine dedust all the unites producing dust, comprehensively treated the waste water and slurry, and muffed-down the equipment that produced noise, so as to completely solve the impact of the concrete batching plant on the environment.
Meanwhile, Sinonine environment-friendly concrete batching plant  has the following advantages:
1. Closed stockyard: the mixing equipment of environment-friendly concrete batching plant can be equipped with closed space for stacking and transferring aggregate (including sand and stone), and the dust and noise emission in the stockyard can meet the specified standards. 
2.The overall packaging of main equipment: the overall packaging of the main body of the environment-friendly concrete batching plant, dust prevention and noise reduction, beautiful design, highlighting Green and Environmental Protection
3. Automatic aggregate feeding system: when sand and stone are fed at night, the aggregate classification automatic feeding system is used to realize the unattended and normal working of the batching plant at night.
4. Dust collection system: the dust collection system of environment-friendly concrete batching plant includes forced dust collection and cloth bag dust collection, which can meet the active treatment of dust emission points in the batching plant.
5. Zero discharge of waste water, waste material and slurry: collection and reuse of waste water of discharge points of environment-friendly concrete batching plant, recovering waste material and slurry.

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There are a large number of concrete equipment manufacturers in China with uneven quality. I have always had doubts about the quality of equipment in China. After using SINONINE's Concrete batching plant, I found that it is not only environmentally friendly, but also has high production efficiency.After using SINONINE's Concrete batching plant, I found that it is not only environmentally friendly, but also has high production efficiency.

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